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Fazekas Györffy Project Office



At FGPI, we hold that the project office is for the project and not the other way around.
We are a project office where your ideas take seed and are realized.

Above the classic project management tasks, we do the below:

  • Complete and comprehenisve management of projects, form the ideas to turn-key delivery.
  • In case it is needed for the project, we build and develop complete companies, fully operational at all levels, taking into account both owner and employee interests.
  • We develop the organization and processes to be suitable for acquiring funding from external investor or for shareholder exit.
  • We create tangible value.

With a background in an international business endeavors, we offer our services to the SME sector. Since its establishment in 2008, FGPI has realized a number of ideas and projects in a variety of industries.

Technology. IT. Realty.

The FGPI Team

Nearing the end of the thirties, we still preserve the zest and potential of youth and a search for challenge in our work, but with nearly two decades of experience behind us we approach projects with mature business thinking and perspective, and work with a well-tested routine.

FGPI team members have been working together for almost a decade now, in a number companies even before the formation of FGPI as a company. Both in business and in private life we keep good relations and a good spirit within the team, and we work in an informal atmosphere. We are flexible, precise and conservative, and we are building a friendly working environment.

István Fazekas

István completed his studies in economics at Oxford Brookes University. He acquired significant experience in the marketing and sales of IT applications, in division manager and sales director positions with many a high-tech development company, including IBM Magyarország, Unisys and Synergon.

István then moved to head international defense industry high-tech R&D company Pro Patria Electronics as CEO, where, besides the general management of the company, he was in charge of international sales and project management.

Since 2008, as partner and director in FGPI, he is coordinating the strategic, technical and development activities in projects.

Péter Győrffy

Peter had his early studies mainly in Switzerland, then earned a degree at Budapest University of Economics, and had further studies in the MBA program of Budapest Technical University. He acquired work experience as sales and marketing leader with the ERA Építő (Strabag Group) and the Bayerische Hausbau (BHG) real estate development companies, as the business development manager in charge for the establishment of the Bratislava office of international real estate consulting company Colliers International, and as COO of the company Pro Patria Electronics.

Since 2008, as partner and director in FGPI, he is in charge of the operative management aspects in the various projects.

Dávid Csobay

Dávid studied at the Faculty of Arts of Pázmány Péter Catholic University. He acquired professional experience with multinational service providers and R&D companies in client-side and organizational projects, and has a degree in project management with the German Project Managers’ Association (GPM).

Since 2008, as a member of the FGPI team, he is coordinating the legal, marketing and PR activities (front and back office) in the various projects.

Péter Eppel

Peter studied at the Budapest Academy of Foreign Trade and the University of Pécs as economist and as human resources manager. He has over fifteen years of professional experience in sales and business development with telecommunications service providers and mobile application development companies.

Since 2011, as a member of the FGPI team, he is acting as a consultant in the area of sales.

Tamás Győrffy

Tamás completed his studies partly in Switzerland, then earned a French-Hungarian language business degree at Budapest University of Economics. He spent many years working at the Canadian embassy in Budapest, then worked for a Canadian company on the introduction and distribution of Canadian civil engineering technologies to the Hungarian market.

Since 2008, as a member of the FGPI team, he is acting as a project manager.

Peter Soldos

Peter studied in Prague, then worked as an entrepreneur in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with his own companies. Since moving to Budapest, he has good relations with the FGPI team and participates in international sales and lobbying.

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